Dee's Bull Calf Born 9/5/12.
We reserved this bull as a herd sire for our own use. His sire is DWD 19.

Dee is a thick-bodied cow with a good spring of ribs and tremendous twist to her horns, a trait she has been proven to pass to her offspring. She is a good milker and consistently weans a heavy calf. Dee has raised a healthy calf every year since her second birthday, calving again eleven months after the last. Her conformation includes a straight back and shoulder absent of any indication of a hump, a wide pelvis, deep flank, straight legs facilitating a free and easy gait, a tightly tucked and even udder with small and uniform teats, a clean underline and long, feminine neck. Her ears are tucked tightly under her horns, her face is long, rectangular and straight, lacking any indication of a dish and her eye sockets do not protrude. Her muzzle is approximately the same width as the crown of her head between her horns, which is flat and lacking any indication of a poll. Her temperament is gentle, but protective of her calf, all traits characteristic of historically correct Texas Longhorns. This is the type of cow we select to raise a herd sire.

DWD 19 possesses genetics from two of our best producers. Therefore, we are very excited about this young bull's potential. He is colorful without too much white, born looking masculine, and quite hearty.