dam: Brown 128 "DK Superstar"
DK Superstar will go down in history as a 'great' dam. David Karger sent five cows to our ranch in the summer of 2013 to have artificially inseminated alongside several of my cows. When the trailer arrived from Alpine, one cow had gone down. DK Superstar and the down cow both had calves. Knowing the down cow was unable to care for her calf, DK Superstar adopted the other cow's calf by her own decision. We never made any attempt to graft the two. DK Superstar raised both calves to weaning that year.

The down cow had injured the nerves in her back or rear legs and was unable to stand. We pulled her from the trailer with ropes and moved her with the bucket of the skid-steer to a bay of the hay barn where she reamained for three weeks. Our vet cautioned us cows that are down for more than 14 days have a low probability of ever standing again. This cow was not aimable to tender loving care. She tried to hook us every time we brought her feed and water. After three weeks, David told us to go out and shoot her. As Don approached with a rifle, she stood up and squared him off.😆 Although she was able to walk again, her milk had dried up and she did not attempt to take back her calf. David sold that cow.
sire: WR 2308