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We have sides, quarters and eighth carcasses of Grassfed longhorn beef for sale. For details, visit our Bandera Grassland beef business website.

15-Minute Educational Video about the plight of the Texas Longhorn.

20-Minute Video on the State of our Food Supply from the Perspective of some of Today's Greatest Minds in Sustainable Agriculture

Descended from Andalusian cattle brought to the New world by Spanish explorers in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, the Texas Longhorn evolved from feral Spanish stock without interference of man for almost 400 years. Our goal is to preserve in the purest of form, for our own enjoyment and the enrichment of future generations, the unique variety of genetics found only in the resourceful, hardy and thrifty cattle of Spanish descent we now call the majestic Texas Longhorn. A typical characteristic of fullblood Texas Longhorn cows are twisty horns, a product of slender horns growing laterally from an oval shaft.

Longhorns thrive in harsh conditions

Texas Longhorn cattle are small- to medium-framed beef animals that mature early and have no difficulty calving. They thrive in harsh conditions that would ruin or kill most other breeds, exhibit remarkable resistance to disease, parasites, heat and cold, and commonly live and reproduce well into their 20s. These highly adaptable and ecologically friendly beef cattle are intelligent, gentle, easy to handle, and require far less feed and maintenance than other breeds. Longhorn cows are fearsome protectors of their young, ensuring their survival even in remote, predator-infested wilderness.

Cattle trails add colorful note to history

The history of the Longhorn beef cattle breed fostered many legends. But, the economic importance of these cattle to this country, especially during the two decades following the Civil War when an estimated 10 million fed a hungry nation and restored the devastated Texas economy, is no legend. Texas Longhorn cattle were driven north on several cattle trails where they became the seed stock for the cattle industry throughout the Great Plains and beyond.

Longhorns offer modern day economic bonus

The very traits that facilitated survival of the Texas Longhorns in the wild are of economic importance to beef cattle producers today. Commercial cattlemen utilize Longhorn bulls to breed their first calf heifers, ensuring small, trouble-free calves. As farm and ranch land becomes scarcer and more valuable, much of the remaining productive land will be developed, leaving only marginal country to cultivate our nation's food supply-exactly where the hearty traits of Texas Longhorns are most appreciated.

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We produce Grassfed longhorn beef that is available for sale on our Bandera GrasslandTM website. Read more about why Grassfed.
To learn more about the nutritional benefits of Grassfed meat, we recommend these sites: Eat Wild , Weston A. Price Foundation, & American Grassfed Association.

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